Pilgrimage tour with Maya 2010 Shift of the Ages Movie Premier is on 13th December 2012… Here is the Movie Trailer…


For 3 weeks I was in a place of profound contemplation as I walked my earth walk to new frontiers of awakening. My physical presence has been gifted a visit to the lands of the indigenous Maya peoples in Guatemala. I visited Tikal and the temple of the Sun and Moon, where I felt the resonance of ancient ceremonial intent vibrate through my ancient heart. (The temple of the Sun is also known as the temple of the Jaguar) The 26th May 2010 was the last day of the 260 day Tzolkin round being 13-Ahau (Sun) completes through the supreme deity in Creation.The fruit was ripe and from this ripeness came the seeds for the next cycle. This last 13 days cycle was the Trecena of Lamat (Rabbit), it was a time for appreciation of growth. At this time I felt a big shift in consciousness within my spirit. This shift allowed for me to be closer to a simple understanding of the times we are living in according to the Maya Prophecy. I say this as I had the privileged of traveling with the Maya Elders of Guatemala, listening to there words of wisdom and hearing the teachings about there calendars and prophecy. Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj (known as Tata) who is the head of the council of 476 Mayan Elders explained to us, the group on the tour organized by Joseph Gioves from www.commonpassions.com and “The shift of theages” film where Tata is the central figure that is also symbolic of explaining the authentic message behind the Mayan Prophecy, which is also in alignment with the Hopi Prophecy. I asked Tata for his permission to share what he has said and he said to me yes, as long as it reflects the true message from his words. I was very grateful to Elizabeth, Tata’s wife who helped us so patiently to translate Tata’s words and Elizabeth shared much of her wisdom too.

As an ambassador of Shift of the age’s film www.shiftoftheages.comhttp://www.shiftoftheages.com/wandering_wolfs_message … I also take this opportunity to promote awareness. What was profound for us all to see was that out of the people on this tour, the continents of North America, Europe, South America, Australia and Africa where represented. Tata especially was happy as he is seeing evidence of his messages going global. I am also very grateful to Dr. Calleman www.calleman.com for sharing the awareness of this pilgrimage in the Maya Lands. I have been exposed to rich wisdom especially regards to the Tzolkin, from the Maya Elders.